Fundación SonDeSeu

Country: Spain
Town: Vigo
Address: Rúa Colón, nº 7. 3º Andar, Oficina 11 - 36201
Contact: Juan Manuel Figueiro Alonso

Galician Foundation declared of cultural interest in 2006. Created with the aim to promote initiatives in favor of knowledge, research, education and outreach projects that bring value to the traditional and folk music from Galicia.
Its activities include the publication in 2006 of "Libro Branco sobre o Ensino da Música Tradicional en Galicia” a complete field work, research and assessment of the education and teaching of traditional and folk music, and the creation of the Folk Orchestra of Galicia "Sondeseu" first of its kind in Spain.
Nowadays, Sondeseu Foundation manages the Orchestra Folk of Galicia as well as being a member of the ENFO project. The Foundation has a collaboration agreement with the Municipality of Vigo for the formation of students in the e-TRAD school in the subject of orchestral practice within the Folk Orchestra Sondeseu.
Alcaldía do Concello de Vigo ETRAD - Escola Municipal de Música Folk e Tradicional do Concello de Vigo Sibelius - Akatemia Fundación SonDeSeu Artemotiva Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drame UE. Education and culture DG. Culture Programme