1st work meeting at Vigo
The 1st ENFO working meeting held in Vigo between the 10th and 11th September 2010 brought together representatives of the four partners and with the presence of two representatives from the RSAMD invited to join the event.
The meeting reviewed the actions and activities of the project and presented the Management Guide for Partners, which provides the basis for the good management of the project funds and explains the obligations of each partner to justify expenditures. 
The work meeting served for the partners to present their ideas and start planning for upcoming events that will be developed by March 2012. 
One of the significative outcomes of the meeting was the commitment acquired with the RSAMD to take part and participate in future ENFO activities. 
After the meeting, the Orquestra Sondeseu offered a small concert in the courtyard of the e-Trad school as the kick-off to future concerts of folk orchestras in Europe. 
The meeting was attended by Ilio Amisano and Valentina Gore (Artemotiva), Petri Prauda (Sibelius Academy), Anxo Pintos (Sondeseu), Rodrigo Romaní (e-Trad), Ignacio Ojea (Department of Education, Vigo Council), Dr . Josh Dickson and Elaine Whyte (RSAMD) and Manuel López-Benito (ENFO Project Manager). 
Photos of the meeting and the small concert can be viewed in the Gallery.
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