Malung Folkhögskola

Malung Folkhögskola is situated in Malung in the beautiful western Dalarna, near forests, lakes, rivers and mountains. The school is located about 2 km south of the main town.
It is a medium sized college with approximately 120 students on long courses. Approximately 70 students live in boarding school. The school has suitable premises and are technically well equipped. The school has a good library and the school's gymnasium and fitness center is frequently utilized by the students.
138 in total
Education type: Not regulated
Legal form: None
Country: Sweden
Town: Malung
Address: Thorolfsvägen 44 782 34 Malung
Contact: John B. Erik Eriksson
Num. Students: 120
Speciality (instruments avaliable): folk minstrels course, fiddle, folk dance
Phone: 0280-143 00
Alcaldía do Concello de Vigo ETRAD - Escola Municipal de Música Folk e Tradicional do Concello de Vigo Sibelius - Akatemia Fundación SonDeSeu Artemotiva Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drame UE. Education and culture DG. Culture Programme