La Escuela de Música y Danza Tradicional de Coaña

The School of Traditional Music and Dance is a service of the Department of Culture of the City of Coaña. One of the main objectives of the School is the recovery, dissemination and expansion of our traditional music.
138 in total
Education type: Not regulated
Legal form: None
Country: Spain
Town: Coaña
Address: Escuela de Música y Danza Tradicional (Escuelas Rurales de El Espín) 33.719 El Cañón - El Espín s/n - Coaña (Asturias)
Num. Students: 80
Speciality (instruments avaliable): Asturian bagpipes, asturian traditional percussion, diatonic accordion, galician bagpipes
Phone: +34 650 46 00 22
Alcaldía do Concello de Vigo ETRAD - Escola Municipal de Música Folk e Tradicional do Concello de Vigo Sibelius - Akatemia Fundación SonDeSeu Artemotiva Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drame UE. Education and culture DG. Culture Programme