Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza de Zaragoza

The principal objective of the E.M.M.D. is to open new perspectives into musical education and dance giving to people willing to learn as amateur the opportunity to develop their creative capacities and artistic sensibility. They pretend to teach Music and Dance to their students so they understand it as emotional and creative empowering the pedagogic and social aspects more than the purely didactic. They offer a flexible study plan adaptated to the student needs.
138 in total
Education type: Not regulated
Foundation Year: 1994
Legal form: None
Country: Spain
Town: Zaragoza
Address: C/ Domingo Miral , 5 - Zaragoza 50009
Speciality (instruments avaliable): Laúd, bandurria, guitarra, dulzaina, gaita de boto, percusión tradicional, bailes aragoneses
Group formation (name of the formations): Coro folclore, grupo de instrumentos tradicionais: (dulzaina, gaita de boto, tambor y percusión), rondalla, agrupacións de pulso e púa, grupo de jota.
Phone: 976724950
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