dOrfeu Associação Cultural

The dOrfeo is a cultural association which began operating in 1995 in Agueda, with the aim of promoting cultural activities through music and its relationship to all other forms of expression. Always strongly promoted the formation of traditional music, urban and rural, which continues successfully today.
138 in total
Education type: Not regulated
Foundation Year: 1995
Legal form: None
Country: Portugal
Town: Águeda
Address: dOrfeu Associação Cultural Rua Eng. Júlio Portela, 6 3750 - 158 Águeda PORTUGAL
Speciality (instruments avaliable): Rebec, diatonic accordion, galician tambourine, cavaquinho
Phone: +351 234 603 164
Alcaldía do Concello de Vigo ETRAD - Escola Municipal de Música Folk e Tradicional do Concello de Vigo Sibelius - Akatemia Fundación SonDeSeu Artemotiva Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drame UE. Education and culture DG. Culture Programme